Are you ignoring the hidden costs of your legacy ERP?

In recent years, cloud ERP solutions have become quite popular and seem to get all the marketing love. However, if you’re still using a traditional on-premise ERP system, often referred to as a legacy ERP, you are not alone. Many companies still depend on these systems to run their business every day. And, maybe your legacy ERP system is still working fine…

But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re wondering if the ERP system you’ve depended on for years, is still the best choice for your business. This decision can be a challenging one. But, while keeping your legacy ERP system for as long as possible may seem like the simplest and cheapest option, that is not always true.

Keeping a legacy ERP system comes with a variety of hidden costs this shortsighted viewpoint ignores.


Hidden costs of legacy ERP software

  • Labor costs to keep the system and your servers up and running.
  • Power/utility costs to run your own server and keep it cooled.
  • Server maintenance and repairs
  • Consultant fees to implement software updates and patches
  • Vendor fees for extended support if the software more than a couple versions behind the latest one

and more.


When you take all these into consideration, the cost and effort it takes to move to the cloud suddenly seems much more reasonable.


Still not sure if replacing your legacy ERP is the right move?


Here are other resources for you to consider.

Total cost of ownership calculator

This innovative tool developed by Acumatica will help you compare the costs of keeping your legacy ERP system to moving to a cloud-based one. Just answer five simple questions to crunch the numbers.

Try it now.


Webinar: Discover the Benefits of a True Cloud ERP

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Thinking of replacing your legacy ERP and want to explore some of your cloud options? Visit our website. If you have questions about replacing your legacy ERP system or aren't sure which solution will be the next logical step for your business, contact us. Our experts are ready to lend a helping hand.


By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica partner.

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