Report: Improving Customer Interactions at a Lower Cost

The way today’s manufacturing and distribution companies do business continues to evolve. Customers have always been essential to any business. But today, customers realize how much power and influence they have. They know they have choices and they choose to deal with the companies who consistently and reliably meet their demands. But how do you meet your customers’ increasing demands and still maintain your profit margin?

A customer focused approach

A survey by Aberdeen Research discovered that manufacturing and distribution companies face a number of common issues. Two of the top concerns are controlling costs and managing growth. Add to that increasing competition, changing customer demands and the need for rapid decisions and you can well imagine the need for a system to help you stay on top of all your business processes and stand out from of your competition.

Download the Aberdeen report here.

What makes a leader?

Aberdeen drew further conclusions from their survey. They compared companies and noted the difference between the leaders and the also-rans. They discovered that among the manufacturing and distribution companies, leaders had gained a significant edge by streamlining and accelerating processes (50%), collaborating (38%), and increasingly focusing on their customers (38%).

Notably, all three of these differentiators seem to be facilitated by the fourth competitive advantage among leaders: having a modern technology infrastructure and applications. Aberdeen analyst Nick Castellina noted:

“[…] for many wholesalers and distributors, new delivery methods, interoperability, and efficiency have proven difficult to implement. Therefore, another top strategy for leaders is the modernization of the technology used to support operations.”

So, where are these business leaders looking for technology that will drive collaboration, accelerate processes, and focus on customers? Modern, integrated, and expandable ERP.

Why manufacturers and distributers need modern ERP

If you are aiming to make your company a leader rather than a follower, your ERP solution may be the first thing to examine.

Castellina notes, “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the foundation for this change, but top performers truly differentiate themselves in the actual emerging capabilities that ERP delivers for their organization.”

Since the entire purpose of manufacturing and distribution is to connect consumers and products, the emerging class of leaders is embracing an ERP strategy that is able to help them get products to consumers more efficiently than ever—creating a “Customer Success Portal,” so to speak.

The survey also found that leaders are three times more likely to integrate CRM with ERP, implement e-commerce and customer self-service portals, and embed business intelligence tools into their ERP, noting, “combined with better access to customer information, top performers utilize the data, contained within ERP, to make better decisions and to become more agile.”

Get ahead with modern ERP

Leading manufacturers and distributors have leveraged their technology to allow easy collaboration, keeping everyone informed, and having access to data that will drive significant improvement in a number of areas. With more organized and reliable data, decision making becomes easier and customer interaction becomes smoother with more successful results. Satisfied customers can increase your business not only by returning again, but by recommending you to their friends and on social media.

Technology can’t take the place of good business ethics and practices, but it can enhance and automate them for consistently successful results.

Learn more by downloading the entire report: ERP in Wholesale and Distribution: Improving Customer Interactions at a Lower Cost.

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