How to Scale with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power BI

Stay ahead of the competition and scale with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.  With Dynamics 365, growing businesses are capturing data across the entire organization in a single source of truth while leveraging BI tools to make accurate, real time decisions.

For most small businesses, tracking critical data has always been a hurdle. It's one thing to measure growth by market domination. It's another thing to track the process that led to that milestone.

Historically, small businesses have missed out on tracking business data, using excuses ranging from having limited financial resources to a lack of in-house expertise to manage the software. Sound familiar? Don’t let these excuses hold you back, as analyzing the right business data is critical to making the informed decisions that directly affect growth and profitability.

These days, companies of all sizes can easily access real-time business data using tools that were previously reserved for the enterprise level only. If you’re still on the fence about deploying business intelligence (BI) solutions, at Admiral we preach that using BI is non-negotiable; it's a vital tool in every entrepreneur’s tool box.


What is BI?

It's the use of technology to spot trends, pooled from a vast web of data sets. With the information returned, businesses can make informed decisions such as finding their best customers, forecast upcoming sales, assess organizational efficiency; ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency.

Some other benefits of harnessing business intelligence include:

  • Access to real-time data to answer critical business questions
  • The power to make decisions quickly due to the accurate data at your fingertips
  • Eliminate manual data entry and other tasks that are prone to human error
  • Help identify where you can cut costs of operations and still deliver quality service
  • Spot trends that organizations can use to gain crucial first-mover advantage

In the bid to gather so much data, most companies deploy several disparate systems: Salesforce for pipeline tracking, QuickBooks for accounting, Trello for project management and so on. When using such disconnected systems, errors are more liable to occur. The use of multiple manual processes keeps productivity from reaching its full potential.


An ERP To The Rescue

You can avoid these issues by replacing all those tools with just one solution; an enterprise resource software. An ERP is a software platform that can help a business solve challenges by providing a single source of information so you can make faster, more informed decisions.

Not just a tool for managing finance, ERP software solutions have evolved to manage the back office operations of a business, from marketing to CRM to project management. An ERP solution like the popular Microsoft Dynamics 365 is purpose-built to provide a complete business solution across sectors from distribution to professional or financial services and more.

A seamless integration with Office 365 provides a familiar dashboard/interface for users and leverages an existing investment in Microsoft tools like Outlook, Word and Excel.  Plus there is a native integration with Power BI, Microsoft's business intelligence platform.


Why Dynamics 365?

Companies can start with just what they need now and easily add functionality as they grow. Your options for apps that extend its functionality are easily found on the new Microsoft Appsource – like the AppStore or Google Play Store for business. Simply adding on as you grow, helps keep the business lean and agile.

Isn't it time you stopped trying to manage your growing business with 'free' tools?

As your business grows, get the tools that can help deliver crucial insight and aid better decision making. Adopting the right software solution for your business is vital to ensure continued growth. Solutions like Dynamics 365 are here to make things easier.

In an increasingly complex business world, the right ERP can enable your business to grow seamlessly.  Want to learn more about Dynamics 365 and Power BI? Contact an Admiral executive to arrange for a free consultation and product demonstration. 


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