Is a Mobile ERP Solution Right for Me?

The ubiquitous availability of smart phones and tablets has led to one of the largest revolutions in the ERP industry in recent memory, the mobile ERP. And, with businesses today trying to do more with less, and being more pressed for time than ever, a mobile ERP offers a lot of great advantages. Obviously, it can help increase productivity, as people have access to important business data, no matter where they are.  But that is just scratching the surface as to how mobile ERP can help businesses grow and improve their processes.

Other benefits mobile ERP solutions deliver


  1. Lower risk of data entry error – Because users can enter information when it is fresh on their mind, without having to go back to the office, it is less likely that they will forget to enter data or enter the wrong thing.
  2. Improved efficiency – Again, because the mobile ERP is available anytime, users are not confined by the time of day or their geographic location. They can enter information whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. That also means that your data is always up to date. You never have to wonder whether the information you are looking at is correct. When a mobile app ties directly to your ERP system and syncs automatically with it changes happen in real time.
  3. Empowerment of remote workers – Whether you have team members who work from their home offices or field workers who travel to client sites and might enter data while in their vehicles, mobile ERP makes this much simpler. They no longer must wait until they are back in the office to enter data, use complicated VPN systems or lug around a computer. All they need to access the ERP system is their smartphone or tablet.
  4. Improved business intelligence – When you have a mobile ERP that connects all areas of the business, you always have access to the latest information. That way, no matter where you are, you can be confident that the business decisions you make are grounded in data, not just gut feel.
  5. Improved customer service – Especially for retail organizations, having mobile ERP access can greatly improve the customer experience. Instead of customers standing in line at the register to buy a product, they can make a transaction anywhere on the retail floor with a salesperson that has access to the system via their smartphone or tablet.  Even for businesses outside of the retail industry, mobile ERP systems can help greatly improve customer satisfaction. When sales and field service reps have immediate access to the customer database, issues can be can addressed right away without any need for the employee to go back to the office to enter the details of their latest customer interaction.


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By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica partner.

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