How to Choose the Best Nonprofit Accounting Software for Your NPO

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) have some similarities with commercial businesses in running their organizations. They both need to generate funds to be able to function. Both of them also need to manage their resources well to grow and achieve their goals. To do so, the two types of organizations need an effective and efficient accounting system.

However, there is one difference. The commercial businesses need this for profitability; in contrast, NPOs require accounting and financial management for accountability. The good news is that today, there are nonprofit accounting software that cater specifically to NPOs. But you shouldn’t just pick any ERP software you see online; you must choose the best nonprofit software for your NPO.

Analyze your NPO’s Requirement

Before looking into different accounting/ grant management software products, first, analyze and evaluate your organizational requirements. This will ensure that you are finding the right solution, instead of wasting funds on an inappropriate ERP System.

Different non-profit organizations have different accounting management needs. For example, small NPOs may just require individual email marketing. On the other hand, bulk email marketing strategy may be more suitable for large non-profit companies. Regardless of your NPO’s size, you must choose nonprofit accounting software that provides room for organizational growth.

What to Look for in Nonprofit Accounting Software

Given the number of ERP Solutions available, choosing the right product for your organization is not an easy task. You must find the best one that suits your NPO’s needs. Here are the features that you should look for when comparing different ERP Systems:

  1. Accounting capability that manages grants, monitors budget, allocates funds, generates reports, administers grants and processes payroll.
  2. Volunteer management features that aide in interacting with volunteers using a database.
  3. Donor management capabilities, which include individual and online donations handling, collections tracking, and gift giving to help your fundraising activities.
  4. CRM database management that tracks all stakeholders involved, such as donors, volunteers, corporate partners, foundations and alumni.
  5. Event planning feature that organizes activities in charity events. It should handle online registrations, payment tracking, guest listings, and email reminders.
  6. Marketing management capability that does email marketing, lead generation, online promotions and social media campaigns. It should be able to generate reports and archive messages as well.

Partner with ASC to Explore Non-Profit Accounting Software Options

For two decades, Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. has been the leader in Acumatica ERP Software implementation. The company has been a partner for NPOs in integrating cloud-based solutions to help with their cause. ASC is a certified reseller of Acumatica cloud-based products, including Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite, the NonProfitPlus.

NonProfitPlus is a cloud-based ERP solution designed specifically for NPOs. It provides the best features and functionalities to help non-profits achieve effective financial management, accountability and stewardship, and over-all organization growth. This nonprofit accounting software is integrated with Acumatica’s best ERP solutions, such as Distribution and Financial Suites, Time and Expense, and Fixed Assets Suite.

Let ASC help you implement Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Software NonProfitPlus to meet your NPO accounting needs and you will be assured of outstanding customer service all through-out the integration process.

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