What can Property Managers hope to gain from deploying Software for Property Management?

Property management companies have acknowledged the remarkable improvement that accounting software for property management has offered in the past.  There are numerous stories of property management companies flourishing after implementing and reaping benefits from cloud ERP solutions.

What are the benefits?

Mobility: Cloud-based property management systems eliminate the need for on-site attendance of employees to retrieve and use crucial business data. Erick Martinez, founder and CEO of True Service New York, said that since property managers are constantly on the move, they need a system to be as mobile as they are. This has prompted True Service New York, a rental properties management company, to use Acumatica powered property management system. This allows for easy access of data from a mobile device.

Security: Risk of losing data is minimized significantly with the use of cloud-based accounting software for property management. All information is saved in the cloud, which in turn decreases the risk of damage to sensitive files. In addition, access to certain files can be restricted based on the specifications of the company.

Increase in Operational Efficiency:  Cloud ERP software commonly comes with features to boost operational efficiency. For example, Acumatica powered Imperium Property Management Solution features work order management as well as traditional lease and accounting functionality. It also allows for integration of other software products, making for significant enhancement in operational efficiency.

Flexibility: Another strategic benefit of cloud-based property management software is the flexibility it offers to your business. Acumatica powered Imperium can easily be customized to scale up as your business proliferates. The latest features and functionalities can be integrated to fit your business needs.

Reduction in Operational Costs: Manual input of data increases the risk of errors when managing several properties simultaneously. An efficient ERP system can be the solution to considerably reduce inevitable errors from manual entries. This allows for improved management and analysis of data with the use of one centralized system.

Connect with ASC to explore Acumatica Property Management Accounting Suite

ASC has been at the front line of cloud-based property management system implementation. Jim Carroll, President ASC was awarded the prestigious MVP Award for two consecutive years (2017 & 2018) at the Acumatica Summits held in San Diego, CA. & Nashville, Tennessee respectively. We strive to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and value addition every day.

ASC, as a certified Acumatica reseller, has extensive experience in the property management industry. We dedicate time to comprehend your business needs and offer suggestions for suitable ERP solutions. Our team of qualified and cloud ERP experts has deployed hundreds of ERP software. Software for property management is an important focus of our business.

Our underlying motto is Your Competitive Advantage. We provide full service for business and technology audits; on-time project management; flowcharting for process engineering, training and support. We assure you that we can become your trusted partner throughout the before-, during- and after-cycle of ERP solution implementation.

For further information, please contact Jim Carroll: @ jcarroll@solutionsco.com; 310 508 9700; President Advanced Solutions & Consulting; Solana Beach, CA.

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