The Advantage of Cloud Accounting Software Integration

Cloud-based business solutions are becoming the new normal. The reasons for their popularity are numerous and include such benefits as automating processes and increasing productivity without necessitating additional hires. Cloud-based solutions also require lower startup costs, smaller IT departments, and increased security. But there is one more benefit to cloud computing that may be a real boon for your company and that is software integration.


Systems working together

Having a flexible, up-to-date technology environment requires that your various solution, from financials to customer resource management to accessible documentation, work together to form a coherent system. With the cloud, that is easily accomplished. Your systems communicate, your apps work together, your departments are always on the same page. Your data flows throughout your system in a way that facilitates your processes and increases your success.

Because cloud-based software is built with a flexible web services API (application program interface), there is always a way to integrate the apps and services that are essential to your business.  Cloud-native systems are developer-friendly, built to be quickly interconnected and deployed so users can get down to the business of using their software…not waiting around for it.

Propel your business with cloud accounting integrations

When your cloud-based accounting systems are integrated with your other essential office systems, you’ll be in a better position to make strategic business decisions and focus on growing your company. For instance, your Sage Intacct financial management and cloud accounting solution can be synchronized with your cloud-based CRM software (e.g. Salesforce) to make serving customers easier for both your accounting team and your sales team. Your pipeline will flow more smoothly when everyone has access to the information they need at all times. Such efficiency is sure to affect the success of your operations.

3 benefits of integrated systems

  • Accuracy and security are enhanced when employees no longer need to enter data into multiple systems.
  • Departmental decision- makers will have up-to-the-minute multidimensional insights at all times.
  • Additional cloud-based software products can be added as you grow and your needs change.

75% of Sage Intacct accounting software customers have benefited by connecting to at least two other applications.

Integrating with Sage Intacct

Access to pre-built software integrations, add-on modules, and connections designed to extend your software’s core functionality helps you get more out of all of your systems. Sage Intacct’s development team builds some of the integrations, while others are engineered by Sage Intacct Partners on Sage Intacct’s platform. Either way, they all work seamlessly with Intacct.

Whether you operate in the healthcare, non-profit, services, software industries or many others, if your software integrations aren’t available in the Sage Intacct Marketplace, your Sage partner can work with you to build a custom connection.

Some of the popular software solutions that integrate with Sage Intacct include:

Payroll/Tax Management: WorkForce Go!

Budgeting: Budget Maestro

Time and Expense: Nexonia

Business Management: Adaptive Insights

Document Management: PaperSave

Inventory Control: Bizinsight 7


If you’re interested in exploring what cloud accounting and integration can do for your business, contact our experts at Express Information Systems 210-614-9410.

By Express Information Systems

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