Accelerate GDPR Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Security and privacy concerns have skyrocketed recently. Organizations are now heavily focusing on security, not just to safeguard their assets and customer privacy but also to comply with security guidelines. The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to tighten how organizations around the world use and manage personal data. Although GDPR imposes new rules on organizations in the European Union (EU), those that offer goods and services to people in the EU, or those that collect and analyze data tied to EU residents, it is important to note that every industry and organization will be impacted in its own way and will face its own unique challenges in complying with GDPR – no matter where they are located. Using enterprise systems like Dynamics 365 can help you accelerate your GDPR compliance. Let’s see how.

What is Expected?

GDPR is set to bring privacy and security to the forefront of a lot of business decisions. Every organization, no matter how big or small, is going to be affected by GDPR. With GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, respect and protection of personal data is key – irrespective of whether it is stored, processed or shared. With the regulation underway, there is a lot of work to do: privacy and data management practices will need to be reviewed, privacy policies will need to be elaborated, and privacy documents will need to be rephrased to ensure greater transparency. It’s essential to understand your obligations to GDPR and how to meet the newly laid out guidelines.  With use of the right tools, methods, and practices, and iterations to current privacy and data management practices, you can streamline the GDPR compliance journey. Implementing greater data access and control rules, and risk assessment procedures will go a long way in ensuring GDPR compliance.

How Dynamics 365 Can Help

Microsoft has always made privacy and security a top priority; Microsoft’s products have built-in security measures like role-based and record-based security, field-level security, and multi-factor authentication that protect and safeguard data from threats and breaches. But with GDPR on its way, Microsoft is ensuring that their products aid in the transition in meeting GDPR compliance. If you are a Dynamics 365 customer, or are planning to become one, you can be sure that your instance of Dynamics 365 will automatically meet the required GDPR compliance requirements.

  • Access Control: Access control carries a lot of importance in the context of GDPR compliance. Dynamics 365 users are granted access, privileges, and permissions based on job roles, and individual records. Azure AD protects Dynamics 365 from unauthorized access as it simplifies management of users and groups, and Azure AD Privileged Identity Management reduces risks associated with admin privileges through access control, management, and reporting.
  • Compliance: Becoming compliant with GDPR is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process. Dynamics 365 offers a Compliance Manager solution, to assist in meeting data protection and regulatory standards more easily. With Compliance Manager, you can evaluate performance, get insights, and streamline your compliance journey when using Microsoft cloud services.
  • Data Protection: GDPR requires you to discover where personal data resides, and then evaluate how data is accessed, used and managed. Dynamics 365 controls information access, to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Not only does it help discover, manage, and protect data in the cloud, it also helps build essential reports and documents to meet GDPR compliance requirements.
  • Trusted Cloud: With GDPR raising the privacy bar to a new level, cloud computing is going to play a large role in helping organizations manage data better. Using Microsoft Cloud, you can deliver a consistent privacy experience to all of your customers, no matter where they are located. Dynamics 365 offers identity and access management features that boost security and data privacy in the Trusted cloud, helping you expedite your GDPR compliance journey.

Get Compliant

With data becoming a critical asset for organizations, and with GDPR on its way, there is going to be a transformational shift in the way people control and govern data. Microsoft – Dynamics 365 in particular – is going to help translate privacy regulations into business practices and technology solutions, simplifying the GDPR compliance journey and enabling you to drive more agility and innovation. Designed with industry-leading security measures, and privacy policies to safeguard your data in the cloud, Dynamics 365 can help reduce risks, and simplify the GDPR compliance journey. GDPR applies to everyone, and with the deadline –May 25, 2018 – soon approaching, it’s time to sign up for Dynamics 365, and take a single, significant step towards compliance. Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 features such as identity and access management, encrypted connections, and data centers that provide security and data privacy in the Trusted Cloud.

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