VIDEO: Acumatica’s Unique Approach to Cloud ERP Pricing

Acumatica has a unique approach to Cloud ERP pricing that distinguishes it from its ERP competitors.

While others charge you for each user, Acumatica offers unlimited users. Pricing is based on the Edition and usage rather than a fixed number of users who may or may not use resources equally.

When you are trying to determine how much your ERP system will cost, the size of your company is an important factor. In general, the larger your company is, the more access and resources you will need. User count, however, is not enough to make an informed decision. You should know what type of functionality you need and the amount of resources you need to allocate to your users, as not all users will use the same amount.

Acumatica offers three Editions. For a small company with less than 10 employees, The Standard Edition, which includes core financials, is likely enough. The Advanced Edition includes almost all of the modules, while The Enterprise Edition is for very large companies.

Acumatica also has four resources levels. In addition to the number of users you have, your resource level is also determined by the typical number of end to end business transactions you might have per day. In general, larger businesses will have more, but by giving you this flexibility, you can adjust your resource level to meet demand as your business grows. As this happens, your system might start to slow down, and increasing your resource level will give you the power you need to deal with any growth.

You can learn more about Acumatica pricing on our website.

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