Use Field Service Management Software to Master your Operational History

If you run a small energy services company, especially one that has been in business for a while, you may have one employee that seems to carry the company’s history in his head. He’s been around longer than anyone else and has lived through numerous operations. When a job comes in, he can relate it to one the company did back a few, or many, years ago, and that kind of history can be valuable when it comes to figuring the price and logistics for a similar project.

But, does it make good business sense to have all that information stored in the head of your employees? No matter how good or loyal or healthy they may be, the information is yours only as long as they are on hand. What if they get sick, have an accident or leave for another job? What will you do then? How will you ever be able to benefit from their experience? Even if they have documented their work experiences, it’s probably hidden somewhere on paper or spreadsheets buried in older files. You need a way for your entire team to access your operational history if and when they need it.

Field Service Management Software.

You can make everyone as knowledgeable as that valued employee with VistaVu’s FieldVu, the field service management solution we developed specifically for energy services companies.

During the course of your project, FieldVu will allow you insight into what’s going on in various areas such as labor, equipment, maintenance, and certifications. After completion of the project, the information is stored for easy access, so you can pull it up and use it for future projects.

The information will be available to anyone on your team who needs it and to whom you grant access; no longer will they be dependent on tracking down that one guy and picking his brain. Different permissions can be reserved for different employees so that the information can be on a need to know basis. Share what you like and preserve the rest for documentation. You may even have saved better data on a client’s project than he has himself. If he needs information from you, you’ll know where to find it.

With your business’s operational history at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily build quotes for new jobs, learn what worked and didn’t work in the past and make more informed decisions going forward. Gain insight into possible gaps in products or services offered and explore the possibilities for expansion.

When you empower people with the information they need to do their jobs, the business runs better and more profitably than before. Not only that, you look tremendously good at work. FieldVu makes that happen.

For more information about how FieldVu can benefit your field services business, contact us at VistaVu Solutions 403-263-2727


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