Take a Tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

Tour of Dynamics 365
Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition is a multi-currency business management solution that helps small-to-medium companies manage their accounting, finances, sales, and operations. With native integration with Office 365, it delivers a powerful integrated experience with the Microsoft software you already have that no other ERP solution can match.

Moreover, for project-based companies, Dynamics 365 provides a platform for Progressus Project Accounting, a powerful, seamless integrated enhancement that enables effective and easy project setup, budgeting, tracking, time and expense, analytics, forecasting, and resource management.

Synergy has put together a tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (9 mini demos) for your convenience in each major area, as well as one demo of Progressus' professional services automation and project accounting. Demos include:

  • Financial Management - Bookkeeper and Accountants' Roles
  • Project Management - Project Manager Role and Managing Jobs
  • Project Accounting - Budgets, Tracking, T&E, Analytics, and Resource Management
  • Purchasing - Procure to Pay
  • Inventory - Manage Your Inventory
  • Sales - Sales Management and Quote to Invoice
  • Executive Oversight - Business Health, Trends, and Opportunities

Sign up for the tour and see for yourself how Dynamics 365, with or without the powerful project accounting enhancement, might fit for your company.

Take a Tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

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