Property Management Companies are Thriving with Rental Property Management Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology is benefiting many companies in different industries, not only with higher profits, but also with improved security, more efficient work operations and reduction of data entry employees. A specific ERP that is keeping property managers happy with their business is the Imperium Property Management Software.

Created by International Business System (IBS) in partnership with Acumatica, a world-leader in providing ERP Software, Imperium is a cloud-based property management and accounting solution. It helps real estate companies integrate property management, constructions management and accounting tasks, all in one ERP system.

Companies with Successful Rental Property Management Software Integration

There are a lot of companies that have now successfully positioned Imperium with their business operations. One of which is Vornado Realty Trust of Paramus, NJ. It is one of the biggest real estate investment companies in the US. Vornado has taken advantage of IBS’ improved web-based system and was able to redesign the lease abstract feature to catch the information on customized pages. David Perl, Vornado’s VP for Lease Administration, says that Imperium has all the modern capabilities available in the market, including a flexible lease abstract feature, which is very important to the company’s work operation.

Another real estate company that thrived with this rental property management software is True Service, a New York-based association that focuses on condominiums, cooperatives and rental properties. The company chose Imperium and IBS as its partners in growing the property management business. According to Erick Martinez, founder and CEO of True Service, IBS has always provided him with the right product that he needed for managing daily property operations and budgeting. He also added that Imperium allows their team to create reports without starting from scratch, but are still accurate and in a format that complies with existing accounting standards.

Other companies that are successfully implementing the rental property management software Imperium are Panco Management and Superior Management. Their own stories with IBS and Imperium Software are very inspiring and something that all property management companies can achieve.

Get Your Own Acumatica Rental Property Management Suite with ASC

For two decades, Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. has been the leader in Acumatica ERP Software implementation in the country. The company has been a partner for many businesses in integrating cloud-based solutions to add efficiency and flexibility to their business. ASC is proud to say that Acumatica just recently awarded the company for excellent customer satisfaction and value addition.

ASC is a certified reseller of Acumatica cloud-based products that has an experienced and expert Acumatica ERP software team, commanding extensive knowledge on rental property management. The company has successfully implemented more than a hundred of Acumatica’s ERP solutions to different companies all over the US.

Choosing ASC as your partner will give you the best rental property management software integration to your company operations. As a dedicated Acumatica solutions provider, we will make sure to suggest on the most appropriate ERP solutions to your business needs. We will make sure to assist you in every way possible all throughout the ERP implementation process. ASC will help your company gain competitive advantage in the growing property management industry.

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