Why Acumatica Dominates Cloud Property Management Software Market?

Acumatica has made a successful move at capturing the cloud property management software micro market niche. Concentrating efforts on dominating select micro market niches is an important, forward-thinking strategy for increasing market share. As the number of ERP solution providers entering the cloud ERP market continues to grow, Acumatica’s first-mover advantage has give them the edge over their competition.

What does this mean for Property Managers?

Real estate owners – whether commercial or residential – are commonly faced with important yet tedious challenges that are easily solved by Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Cloud property management software boosts efficiency by offering solutions that aim to reduce manual workflows. This is achieved by accelerating vital but time-consuming work through extensive automation of such processes.

If you’re a property owner, here’s just a few ways how Cloud-based ERP can help you tackle some of these challenges:

  1. Efficient communication; Cloud-based ERP solutions mean all relevant and important data is available to you around the clock on your mobile device.
  2. Work order management is accelerated through automation of processes such as eDocument creation for contracts and leases.
  3. If you offer a variety of packages for different tenants, Cloud-based ERP solutions provide flexible billing options.
  4. Managing customer service is a lot simpler with separate web portals for leaseholders, partners, and vendors.
  5. Vacancy ratio challenges are much simpler when Vacancy Management is combined with renewals.

Why Acumatica is at the forefront of technology?

Acumatica can trace its success back to early investments in the development of the xRP platform, the underlying technology that powers Cloud-based ERP Solutions. IBS launched Imperium Powered by Acumatica as the Ultimate Software Package offering for Property Management. On the topic of Imperium Powered by Acumatica, Christan Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions at Acumatica said, “Customers who want to stay competitive need flexible, responsive technology to execute their long-term business strategies. Our ACA label is built to help customers find applications capable of delivering that."

How do you select the right software?

Michael Mullin, President of IBS Totowa, N.J., recently spoke on this topic at the latest NYC Real Estate Expo where he served as a panel member. According to Mullin, there are two important areas to look at when considering ERP software for the Property Market: real estate tech stack and cybersecurity threat. But what do these terms mean?

A tech stack is a combination of software used to perform a specific task. A real estate tech stack should therefore include software that aids in the automation of accounting, leasing, budgeting, and legal work; provides a means for tracking and reporting workflow, tools for management of contracts and buildings, as well as functions for marketing and sales. The primary objective of a real estate tech stack is to achieve smooth, uninterrupted data flow across all aspects of the business.

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be understated. Weak security can allow a dedicated hacker to gain access to your business data, ending in fraud/embezzlement or ransom. A robust software solution combines both automated and manual security processes.

Why Advanced Solutions and Consulting?

Advanced Solutions and Consulting was recently awarded the Acumatica 2017 MVP VAR award. If you’re a large or small Property Manager looking for a robust ERP solution for your business, contact Jim Carrol at: jcarroll@solutionsco.com

We have locations in San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. If you aren’t near one of our locations, we can send a representative to meet you at your facility.

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