Use Field Service Management Software to Command Your Company’s Assets

Your sales department has just contracted your energy services company to deliver multiple units of a certain kind of equipment. They need it in two weeks and the project site is a hundred miles away.

Ok, the push is on. In order to meet your deadlines, your team must locate and assemble all the equipment within just a few days. The problem is that with your current recordkeeping, you may not know where all the equipment is and if it’s ready to go.  You may look out the window or into the warehouse and see several units, but are they due for maintenance or already assigned out to other jobs? And what about the ones that are already out? When will they become available for reassignment? I think you can see that as your business grows, your organizational needs multiply. You need to be able to keep on top of all the working parts.

There’s an interesting fact I’ve noticed working with energy services and other companies over the years. When people don’t have good data, they develop their own system for keeping track of their business. Sometimes those systems work fine for a while, but as the business grows, the competition becomes keener and customers more demanding, they might find that their system breaks down. Operations people might have an Excel file that tracks equipment status. Accounting runs a different Excel file that tracks something else. The sales team has their own system for tracking and recording equipment sales.

Using disparate systems not only leads to confusion, but it prevents you from having a complete view of your data that is accessible to everyone who needs it. Keeping everything on track and your customers satisfied becomes harder than it has to be.

Here’s how VistaVu can help

FieldVu is a field service management software solution developed by VistaVu for energy services companies. With FieldVu, you can track all your company’s assets – from giant drilling rigs, right down to small items like impact hammers and torque wrenches.  You’ll always know the location of all of your equipment, when it will be available for a new project and when it should be scheduled for maintenance.

Your entire team will have one version of the data they need to see. Sales can easily see what’s available for sale; Your operations team can locate and relocate equipment efficiently; Accounting, having the same data as everyone else, is far better equipped to get invoicing out faster and Customer Service has all the information at their fingertips to answer customer inquiries on the spot.

If your growing business would benefit from a better way to manage your equipment and the entire business surrounding it, FieldVu could be your best solution.

Your staff will be happier, your customers will be satisfied, your bottom line will benefit.

VistaVu and SAP Business ByDesign will help you profitably grow your industrial field service business.  Please contact us for more information:


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