For Growing Organizations Acumatica is the proven solution to replace QuickBooks

Most growing businesses replace QuickBooks and opt for Acumatica cloud ERP. This ERP solution is robust and is better at managing complexities brought about by growth. For instance if QuickBooks is unable to generate reports with drill downs from a single dashboard your business will suffer.

According to a report by Tech Validate, 30% of Acumatica user’s transition to this software replacing QuickBooks.

How can you know it’s time to move from QuickBooks to an ERP solution? (In no particular order)

  • Create consolidated financial reports for multiple companies and multiple currencies.
  • Jumping back and forth between applications due to a lack of integration.
  • Required reports for audit and compliance.
  • Too much time wasted billing customers with error prone duplicate data entries.
  • Accurate cash balance information at any time accessible anywhere.
  • You have more than 15 users and, and provide them access based on roles.

Why Use Cloud Business Management Software

Data is always changing when transactions are done. Good software operates with single source of truth. It treats your business events as end-to-end processes, enabling you to have a real-time look on the status of your business. For example, when a completed order is shopped, an invoice is produced and inventory balances automatically updated.

Cloud based ERP solutions like Acumatica provide robust functionality and sophisticated reporting capabilities for small but growing companies. The solution can be configured to meet the exact needs of your company and deployed in a variety of platforms.

This solutions reduces paper transactions, manpower and transaction cycle time in your organization.

 Specific Advantages of Acumatica over QuickBooks

i) Automated Business Processes.

With Acumatica business processes are automated, eliminating manual and time-consuming work hampering growth. This Cloud based ERP makes it easy to manage different processes; such as timesheet entries, expense report submissions, sales quote approvals, purchase order approvals among others.

ii) Real time Reports.

Acumatica provides multiple users; real-time reporting regardless of their location. Each users can see reports related to their individual functional roles.

iii) Global Ready Business.

No problem taking care of accounting process of organizations doing business in multiple jurisdictions. Users can manage multiple entities, languages and currencies in a single integrated system. Drill down allow simultaneous access to hierarchical data at the corporate and individual unit level.

An audit trail is critical for organizations looking to achieve compliance goals. Acumatica provides a complete audit trail, enabling you to understand who, where and where transactions were approved and entered.

v) Integration with Third Party Systems.

Acumatica ERP features import/export tools and a robust API capability and allows integration with third party systems such as Avalara. Acumatica Editions are designed to deliver comprehensive set of accounting, inventory management, purchasing, customer management and other business management solutions.

Organizations who have outgrown the capabilities of QuickBooks can upgrade to Acumatica. And enjoy an ERP solution that can be deployed on-premise, hosted or purchased as an all-inclusive SaaS solution.

Please contact Jim Carroll, President Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC); 2017 MVP Award holder for Acumatica. He will assist you and select the optimal way of migrating from QuickBooks.


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