Use Field Service Management Software to Fix a Project before It’s too Late

The time to figure out that your project is veering off-track is before it happens. That way you can take steps to correct it and mitigate the costs. And you can’t keep a project on track unless you track it all along the way. That’s where field service management software comes in. Think about the following scenario with and without field service management software. Let’s see which outcome is most successful.

A project gone-awry

Your energy services company contracted for a really great project. All the work went well, the customer was pleased, and your company was looking at a profitable outcome.

Then the problems started – long after anything could be done about them. Unexpected invoices began to arrive. It seems that your field supervisor rented some equipment, even though you had the same equipment out back in the shed.  Even though the project was completed early, labor hours were higher than expected, and lots of those hours were for overtime. How did this happen? What should have been a successful project has now become an operating loss.

How this could have been prevented.

Make sure this doesn’t happen again with project management software from VistaVu.

From labor hours to equipment usage and much more, you’ll see it all on FieldVu’s user-friendly, visual dashboards.

Replacing paper field tickets with electronic ticketing is one of many ways that FieldVu makes projects more manageable. You’ll know each day how many hours went on the project, and what those hours cost. You’ll be alerted when employees are approaching overtime and when costs are running beyond budget. Need equipment? All your available equipment will be visible to your field supervisor and anyone else who needs to know.

Different companies manage their projects in different ways. With FieldVu, you can choose the Key Performance Indicators that matter most to you. Perhaps Margin by Job is the KPI you focus on the most. You can keep an eye on your margin, in real time. If it takes a downturn, you can take steps to fix it before it becomes a problem.

Nothing’s worse than watching what looked like a profitable project start to gush red ink. With FieldVu, there are no surprises. By seeing your information in a new way – accurate, complete and in real time – you can manage your projects more efficiently and profitably.

VistaVu and SAP Business ByDesign will help you profitably grow your industrial field service business.  Please contact us for more information:

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