How Franchise Organizations Gain Greater Insight

Successful franchise organizations have control and insight over each level of the enterprise. Today’s centralized financial management systems provide the structure, control and consistency CFOs and managers need in today’s fast-paced marketplace. With an end-to-end view of business operations at each franchise location, as well as with the organization as a whole, managers and owners have the information needed to identify challenges and opportunities that improve operations, drive profits and nurture continued growth.

Difficulties Proliferate with Disparate Systems

It’s already challenging to use multiple, disparate software systems to manage sales, inventory, budgeting and marketing. This challenge only multiplies with every franchise acquisition and expansion. Growth brings a new set of software into the mix, complicating the ability to access and analyze reliable information from accounting, sales and purchasing. The further you get away from real-time, accurate data, the harder it becomes to make the prompt, strategic decisions needed to drive profits.

Take a Different Approach to Franchise Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The unique organizational structure of franchise operations requires a different approach. Gain the control and insight you need with a centralized financial management system. As discussed in “The Franchise CFO’s Guide to Centralized Financial Management,” a modern solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the control you need to be successful today and the flexibility to support continued growth. By centralizing data in a single, integrated solution you will achieve:

  1. Quick access to key data: Microsoft Dynamics GP was built for multi-entity companies. Each location and the central office can enter data within a centralized solution. Accounting, sales, inventory and budgeting information for each location is consolidated and within easy reach.
  2. Comprehensive business intelligence (BI) features: Dashboards, robust reporting and other BI features arm key leaders with real-time information. Managers can analyze financial data by product line, manager, location, region and more to identify new ways to reduce waste, boost performance and improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Monitor key performance indicators at each level: Each manager can understand and be accountable for the performance of each franchise location. Whether monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) or diving deep into the details, leaders will have the insight they need to take advantage of new opportunities and respond faster.

The ability to access real-time, reliable data is necessary for driving a successful, growing franchise organization. Disparate systems can’t provide the financial insight you need over multiple locations or for the franchise organization as a whole. Download the eBook and contact Socius for more information about centralizing financial data in a comprehensive, integrated solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Socius, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based out of Ohio

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