When is it time to replace your ERP SYSTEM?

Are your sales figures disappointing? Are you losing your competitive edge? What is holding you back? The problem might be very simple: your broken Enterprise Resource Planning System. The importance of having the right ERP system for your business cannot be overstressed. The ERP System is the LIFELINE of your business. A dysfunctional ERP can seriously deter the smooth functioning of your business drivers.

When do you know it is time to change your ERP system?

  1. Your ERP fails to support the business needs (not user friendly, consumes time to respond, misses useful functional features).
  2. You have to depend on spreadsheets to accomplish tasks.
  3. Your management is unable to obtain insightful information from data (lacks features such as dashboards, automatic reports).
  4. Ever increasing operating costs.

Now you know when it is time to reconsider your ERP solution. So, what should your new ERP achieve for you?

  1. Generate more sales.
  2. Make your customers happy (enhance customer service).
  3. Get on top of your receivables.
  4. Improve cash management.
  5. Better manage inventory.
  6. Increase efficiency in resource utilization.

Now that you decided to change; what happens next?

Once you decide to replace your ERP system, it is important to evaluate whether you should build or buy your new ERP solution (Fig 2). Building your own ERP solution enables customization. Also, it allows better adaptation by the employees. On the other hand, high development and maintenance costs could substantially increase your ERP budget. You may instead choose to buy your ERP solution. This provides the flexibility to change as your company grows. Also, you can always count on the support service provided by the vendor. Another advantage with packaged ERP solution in reduced IT overhead. A packaged solution, however, might not cater to the specific requirements of your company.

Next step: establish your Team.

You need to set up a winning project team, once you have your strategy defined. Select team members carefully: right people and in the right number. Ensure they are led by a capable team leader, knowledgeable and experienced. Team members should possess adequate understanding of business processes. Delegate power to the team members that enables decision making when needed. Emphasize the priority of ERP implementation with the team. Once your team is created, the next step is to focus on identify and document process requirements. The team has to select the required software features. Now you are all set to launch your new ERP solution!

For more information on ERP solutions reach out to Advanced Solutions and Consulting. We have enabled hundreds of companies to successfully transition from quickbooks to advanced could ERP systems. Our expert team of developers and consultants can recommend the right solution for your business. You can always depend on our excellent support team to navigate through any glitches you encounter.

Please contact Jim Carroll
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email: jcarroll@solutionsco.com
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