Native and Real Time Integration with SAP Business ByDesign

While ERP integration may have only one definition, it can mean many things. When it comes to ERP systems, nearly every product will talk about its integration. And nearly every product has a different level of integration. Usually, it involves some degree of running overnight updates to batch information between different databases. If you get a bit more advanced, you can query between databases in real time. While these are certainly usable options, let’s take a look at what SAP Business ByDesign means by integration.

Integration can be simple, like linking a Purchase Order to the Sales Order that is requesting products. Or maybe linking a Supplier Invoice back to a request by an employee. Simple stuff, right? Well, how about tracing an Incoming Receivables Check back to the original Marketing Campaign that led to the sale? Many other ERP systems wouldn’t even consider touching this kind of functionality. With SAP Business ByDesign, following any document in any part of the system to any other part of the system is native functionality – ready when you first log in, no specialized configuration required! Even better, you can see all these links on one screen.

Most importantly, you don’t even have to worry about how it works. Think of how much more effective you could be if you didn’t spend your day hunting down elusive orders or invoices. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t spend hours playing phone tag, constantly trying to stay up to date with everything that goes on in your business? Your employees would probably like that, too.

It’s probably beginning to all sound likes sales talk. So let’s keep it to the point – one system, one database, one interface. That’s what SAP Business ByDesign is about – managing all the important activities your company does - effortlessly allowing you to be always up to date about it.

Let’s take it one step further. Real time integration – a system that is up to date to the second. The minute a Sales Order is invoiced, your Sales, Income Statement, and Accounts Receivable are updated…as well as every single other report that involves that information. No more waiting until tomorrow morning for a critical report.

So think about this: how many Information Systems do you have? And how well do they talk to each other? Now, imagine if your employees talked only as frequently and effectively as your systems. Do you think that would be an effective business strategy?

Well, with SAP Business ByDesign, there’s no hesitation to answer that question – the answer is an emphatic YES!


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