How Much Does SAP Business ByDesign Cost and 15 More Pricing Answers

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for mid-market companies and subsidiaries. SAP allows you to manage your entire business within a single cloud ERP solution. It is a complete, integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) suite that supports financials, human resources, sales, procurement, production, customer service, supply chain management, and more.

In this post, we’ll provide totally transparent answers to the many questions you probably have about ByDesign, from pricing to everything else.

1) How much does SAP Business ByDesign Cost?

There is a base fee of $2,145 per month which includes 5 Enterprise users. Additional users range from $20-$242 per month.

See more about SAP Business ByDesign pricing at: 

2) What functionality is included in the base fee?

Core financials.

3) Is there a minimum user count?

Yes, 20 users. To meet this minimum you can add 15 users in any combination of enterprise or team users that you choose.

4) What are the differences among the various user levels?

Enterprise User: Enterprise users access core functionality across multiple business areas – such as human resources, financial management, and customer relationship management.

Team User: Team users are employees who need access to only one business area – such as CRM or Project Management – to do their jobs.

Self-Service User: These users make use of SAP Business ByDesign to perform core self-service office tasks such as time and expense reporting, purchase requisitions, and time entry.  Additional role-specific tasks are available depending on the type of self-service user.  Self-Service Users can be bought in addition to your minimum 20 user enterprise and/or team user subscriptions.

5) Are these named or concurrent users?


6) Do you have to sign up for a year at a time?

Yes, it’s a 12 month contract.

7) How easy is it to add/decrease users?

At end of the term you can audit and change the number and level of users, within or above the 20-user minimum.

8) How many entities/companies are included in base price?

Creating as many subsidiary companies as you need within the system is very easy and does not require additional fees.

9) Is SAP Business ByDesign a cloud only solution?


10) Is there a maintenance fee?

No. Free support by SAP is included in the base fee. SAP provides 24/7 phone and incident support. An incident is a ticket with priority. High priority guarantees a response within 3 business days. You can request Very High priority if you need a response within 24 hours.

11) Is CRM included?

CRM is built into core system and fully integrated out of the box.

12) Can a client control when the software is upgraded?

No, SAP performs regularly scheduled quarterly upgrades.

13) Are add-on ISV tools available?

Yes, SAP ByDesign has a strong 3rd Party ecosystem that compliments the core platform.

14) Are there additional fees beyond license subscription?

Yes, Please contact VistaVu Consultants for more details about our go-live services and pricing.

15) What types of companies are the best fit for SAP ByDesign?

SAP ByDesign can be used by almost any type of company. ByDesign is not a vertical or industry- specific solution. It has strong accounting, project
management, field services, production and warehouse capabilities.

16) Why choose SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP’s licensing model is highly desirable as you get ALL modules within the product and you only pay a base fee plus user count. Other products have very complicated pricing models that cost incrementally more depending on which modules you require. See also:

VistaVu and SAP Business ByDesign will help you profitably grow your industrial field service business.  Please contact us for more information:

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