INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Reasons I Believe Acumatica is The Best ERP Cloud System

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Reasons I Believe Acumatica is The Best ERP Cloud System

Up-to date Technology: Acumatica entered the market in 2010. Many other cloud solutions came earlier, around 1999-2000. While it’s often beneficial to get in on the ground floor, with technology it is different. Ten years ago, we didn’t have smart phones! By 2010, technology had expanded and there were different tools, different devices, different processes. Acumatica was designed using the latest tools and knowledge to work with the newest devices.

Responsive Design: Acumatica’s core application is written with technology embedded that allows you to move easily from one device size to another without losing the look and feel of your dashboards.  As the size of your platform changes, (e.g. PC, vs. tablet vs. smartphone) Acumatica will automatically respond. This is an important feature with the increased use of mobile devices. Many of the products that were developed earlier had a desktop version that would run only on desktops and a mobile version that would run only on mobile devices. With Acumatica, different versions, and additional training on them, are not necessary because of the responsive design.

No Charge for Additional Users: Acumatica makes it is easier to involve everybody in the company.  Most other ERP solutions will charge an additional fee for each additional user.  With Acumatica, you still define who users are, but you are not being charged by their roles within the company. With per user fees, expenses mount as your company grows. With Acumatica’s unlimited users policy, you are not penalized as you grow.

Resource Level Pricing: Acumatica’s pricing is based on “Resource Level” which is determined by how many transactions a company does monthly. For example, you may start with 10 users on the Small Resource level. And you may grow to hundreds of users in the future. If you are processing less than a hundred transactions an hour you still only need the Small Resource Level. Your costs will remain the same even as you company is growing. If you find you are running a significantly higher number of transactions you may choose, but you won’t be forced, to upgrade to a higher resource level. There is even an Extra Small version available. So, if you are a very small growing company just starting out, Acumatica has a size that will fit you too.

Deployment Choices:  No two businesses are the same, so it makes sense to offer choices.  Some of the other cloud solutions offer only one option: SaaS in the cloud. But what if you are distributor or manufacturer in an area that doesn’t have great internet coverage, and you can’t afford to be disconnected from your ERP? SaaS would not be a good option for you. In that case, you still might want a pure cloud solution, one that was born in the cloud like Acumatica, but you want to be able to run it on-premises. With Acumatica, you can run it on your servers, so you can have all the benefits of the cloud accessibility but none of the risks of poor connectivity. Acumatica is also available as a hybrid model. That would allow you to subscribe to the software but host it in your own cloud or with another cloud provider, such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure. This is an option not offered by other cloud ERP vendors. And of course, Acumatica also offers a pure SaaS solution too. The advantage is choice and flexibility. Have it the way that works best for your business.

Robust core technology: Many other cloud solutions rely on apps or other add-ons tools for much of their functionality.  Acumatica accommodates apps and add-ons, but Acumatica has CRM, BI, sales, inventory sourcing, etc. included. Other systems may have strong accounting but weak CRM. Or they may not work with all of your mobile devices or integrate with your other solutions.  Acumatica is a connected business solution. The CRM, sales systems, order entry, inventory, purchasing, and mobile are all in the same user interface as the core. You can connect your mobile workforce to the Acumatica platform and, because of its responsive design, the screens that they see in the field will be the same as they see in the office.

At CAL Business Solutions, we’re excited to be working with Acumatica. If you’d like to learn more about how this versatile solution can benefit your business processes, contact us at 860-485-0910 x4 or

By George Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions,

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