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The Right ERP Vendor for Today, and Tomorrow…

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When your business system needs to be pulled off of life support, then starting the process of researching systems and vendors is your first step. There are many excellent business software solutions being offered today serving almost every industry. The difference maker is the people implementing the system and relationships built moving forward.  The people will always be more critical to the success of an ERP project, more so than the nuts and bolts of the software.

There are 3 high-level requirements you should approach potential ERP vendors with:

  • Do they have callable references?
  • What is their implementation methodology?
  • Do they have the internal resources and the experience to scale with your business into the future?

Working with a team that has time and again demonstrated the ability to solve problems and provide solutions for their customers is who you should want to align your company with before you decide on a software package.

Changing Technology

When a new ERP system is implemented correctly it should lessen burdens, reduce manual tasks, and enhance your workday. We often encounter businesses that have large investments in systems but are only using some of the available functions and features. The thing about technology is that its progress slows for no one. Constant new features and updates are released to enhance software products. If an ERP system is not setup correctly and you’re not taught how to properly use it from the get-go, then you’ll always be playing catch-up and usually never accessing its full potential. Ultimately you end up doing things the same way you were 5 or 10 years ago, or doing it a “new-wrong” way, but on a prettier screen.

When your business is growing, so are the needs of your internal operations, and in tandem, the expectations of your customers. You may have great products and service, but if the technology that is supposed to be helping your growth ends up hindering it, sooner or later you’ll start feeling overwhelmed.

  • PSA: choose to work with a certified partner in your region that has a plan for getting your people up and running and ensuring they are getting out of the system what they put in.

Local Matters

Our President, Joe Hasson, recently had the chance to address a crowd of accountants and attorneys that operate locally. He posed one simple question to them: “Do any of your customers, or the companies you work for, use accountants or attorneys that reside over 3 hours away?” The answer was a resounding “NO.”

This reinforced that when implementing a full-scale business system, using experienced professionals in your region makes sense. Not a single business owner alive wants their employees to only be using 50% of a system, which is what may happen when you need help and your options are 1-800-HELP-ME or an outdated YouTube video. Without the right people behind the software and the right relationship going forward, no software product is the right fit.

Empower Business Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Cloud ERP certified partner. We have nearly 30 years of experience implementing successful ERP software and providing valuable business solutions for our customers.

Empower Business Solutions:

Contact Joe Hasson at or 814-942-8777 to discuss your needs.

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