Connect Multiple LTC Locations with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Making acquisitions and merging with existing businesses are common activities during periods of growth. Long-term care (LTC) facilities quickly find managing multiple locations and entities becomes burdensome with disparate systems. Too much time is spent handling data and not enough time is dedicated to using it to measure business performance or improve productivity. With connected data and systems, your managers will have access to real-time information that will further strengthen the bottom line and support continued growth.

Managing successful, profitable LTC facilities grows increasingly complicated with every acquisition and expansion. Many facilities have separate systems in place for tracking inventory, resident information and financial processes. These disparate systems make it harder for your leaders to monitor the performance of these sites or your organization as a whole. Connecting an array of different software systems is a time-consuming, expensive task. Instead, deploy a single, unified business management platform that can manage multiple entities with accuracy and efficiency.

Protect Profits During Growth with Integrated Business Management

As indicated in “6 Proven Ways Senior Care Organizations Maintain Profits During Times of High Growth,” a comprehensive solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, provides a powerful platform for managing financial and operational performance during times of growth.

Using a single solution offers an economy of scale that enables your team to capture and easily share data across the organization. Each site can manage accounting and financial activities, as well as inventory, member and resident information. Automated workflows streamline intercompany transactions and other common accounting practices, adding consistency, protecting data integrity, and improving productivity throughout your organization. Leaders can then monitor and analyze data at every level, from each individual business unit to the organization as a whole.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers robust reporting and business intelligence features that deliver real-time information to each of your key leaders. As employees close the books in hours, instead of days or weeks, managers have access to real-time information they can use to manage budgets or inventory, monitor performance and respond to variations quickly. Managers can identify trends within your data and look for new ways to build on best practices, boost productivity, strengthen care and services to residents, and improve the bottom line.

Disconnected business systems are inefficient and isolate the very information leaders need to manage a successful senior and long-term care organization. Download the eBook and contact Socius for guidance with connecting processes, people and data within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Socius, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based out of Ohio

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