Netsuite the Right Choice for Burkett Restaurant Equipment

Burkett Restaurant Equipment, a restaurant equipment distributor based in Toledo, Ohio, were facing a problem many equipment distribution organizations face. They were having trouble integrating their diverse systems, and facing widespread inefficiency, as well as a lack of data visibility. In search of a solution, Burkett partnered with Socius to find the perfect fit for their needs: NetSuite.

Switching to Netsuite gave Burkett immediate improvements in connectivity, visibility, and efficiency. NetSuite is a complete business solution, allowing Burkett’s users to run previously disparate systems and apps from one place, drastically reducing time spent switching between programs. Coupling this with NetSuite’s increased data visibility and real-time reporting, users are always getting the most up to date information, cutting down on costly mistakes due to out of date information.

NetSuite features powerful tools that are ideal for restaurant equipment distributors, such as a powerful Business Intelligence suite, global financial tools for international purchasing and distributing, and top of the line inventory management capabilities. These tools help give restaurant equipment distributors an edge in the rapidly changing, cut-throat industry.

With these increases in efficiency and usability, Burkett expects NetSuite will provide them with a return on investment equivalent to five full time employees. With NetSuite’s increased efficiency current employees are able to accomplish more in the same amount of time, saving Burkett costly manhours, and also keeping employees happier due to not being tasked with an impossible workload.

With its top of the line business intelligence tools, real time reporting, and increased data visibility NetSuite is the top choice for restaurant equipment distributors. By partnering with Socius and switching to NetSuite Burkett Restaurant Equipment has seen a dramatic increase in efficiency and savings to go along with it.

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