Why Industry Leaders are Converting to the Cloud—and YOU should too!

Cloud computing has revolutionized how data is stored and technology is utilized. Three leaders in the market—Amazon, Microsoft, and Google— are some of the largest cloud users in the world. With many new companies switching their processes to the cloud we have seen a multitude of changes in the way business is being conducted. Within this article you’ll gain a little more insight as to why these top competitors are increasing their cloud usage and a few of the reasons it might be time for you to do the same!

The IOT (Internet of Things)

One of the reasons cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular for these top companies is due to the IOT or Internet of Things. Newer mass produced technologies like iPhones, Apple watches, applications, and even factory gear are all connected to the web. Where is all the data from millions of products going though? The answer is—in the cloud! Even all the data housed in newer automobiles, like a driver’s smartphone, contacts, and calendar would not be possible without the cloud. This recent shift in the way data is gathered and stored in the cloud has made an impact in the way business is being done for time to come.

Cloud Computing & Your Business

Although, companies like Amazon and Google are seeing success from using cloud computing—how can the cloud change the way you do business? As Logan Consulting, has watched businesses undergo ERP implementation and installation these are 3 benefits that we have seen businesses experience from cloud computing.

Adjusted Pricing

By going with Saas (Software as a Service) you have the option to pay a monthly fee rather than facing large upfront installation costs. When configuring your IT budget, factoring in a monthly payment can seem like much less of a burden to your business. Another convenience about payments with cloud-based solutions is that they even offer adjusted payments based on what your company needs are.

MultiCloud Integration

Having the ability to integrate tools like CRM (customer relationship management) and Outlook is extremely useful when handling important data. Successful processes stem from the having full access to the necessary data at any time. With MultiCloud integration it becomes easier than ever to turn insights into action.

On-The-Go Business

Business does not have to be limited to in-office meetings nowadays. The simplicity of cloud computing is that you can do business from a mobile device. Now employees can be ready to make smarter business decisions on-the-go!

A partner like Logan Consulting can help you through this processes of switching to the cloud. Logan Consulting can also help implement the proper ERP solution for your business. For more information contact Logan Consulting for your free consultation now!

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