What Is Digital Transformation and Why Should I Care?

Digital transformation is a popular buzzword these days.  But, this idea can be confusing.  So, in this blog post, I offer a simple definition of digital transformation, and real-world examples of how it can help your business.  Let’s get started.


What is a digital transformation?

Every digital transformation looks different. But, at its core it means introducing integrated technology across your business. Thus, leading to changes in your processes and how you deliver value to customers. And, because of the fast pace at which technology evolves, it needs a cultural shift too. You must be open to change and willing to challenge the status quo.


Why should I care?  Can you give me an example of a digital transformation?

In 25 years of helping small business’ make the most of technology, we've been part of many digital transformation journeys.  But, here’s one of the most common scenarios we see today.

A company moved its CRM and ERP software to the cloud and they enjoy many benefits.  From being able to access the software from anywhere, no longer needing to support hardware, breaking the software cost up into monthly installments, and more.


But, after a while they often notice a few downsides.

Whenever you put business software on the public Internet, you expose it to the dangers that live on there (hackers, malware, spyware, etc.). And, the speed at which you can get work done now depends on the speed of your Internet connection. When you use the public Internet, you’re fighting with your provider’s other subscribers for bandwidth. So, if you are trying to use your business software during a period of heavy traffic, its performance often suffers.


Does this sound familiar?

Then, it’s time to take your digital transformation a step further.  Imagine you could bypass the public Internet entirely.  Instead you have a secure, dedicated connection straight from your network to your ERP or CRM provider. Then, you could enjoy the productivity and convenience boosting aspects of the Internet, without the pitfalls.

Sound too good to be true?   Good news! This service is called NetBond, and it’s one of the many networking solutions we offer.  Visit our website to learn more.

Want more real-life digital transformation examples?

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By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., an NC based cloud service provider


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