Microsoft Azure cloud offers ‘layered defense whenever possible;’ ideal for Dynamics software deployments.

Microsoft Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure cloud offers 'layered defense whenever possible'

Pundits and customers alike continually weigh-on the viability of using the cloud for accessing programs to storage of critical programs, files and documents. One of the main concerns is just how secure the cloud is. Do all cloud-hosting companies provide guarantee up times? Is my data in compliance with privacy and regulatory requirements?

SMB owners who deploy their Dynamics software in the Microsoft Azure cloud, whether a manufacturing and distribution facility, or a professional service business, receive a full-range of security services: Design and operational security; encryption; identity and access management; security development lifecycles. In the latter case, Microsoft incorporates Threat Modeling to identify problem areas, as well as Attack Surface Analysis/Reduction that uses “layered defense wherever possible.”

If you’re a business owner looking to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2016, SL or NAV software, but are not wholly comfortable with accessing programs through the cloud, or storing files and documents as well, consider adopting a hybrid deployment of your Microsoft Dynamics software. As the Redmond giant’s Technet site points out:

“...a hybrid cloud approach may make the most sense. By moving certain basic, yet critical workloads to the cloud, companies can free up datacenter resources to focus on business-critical compute and data-centric tasks, while at the same time gaining capabilities they may not have previously been able to afford.”

In addition, a Microsoft study of SMBs’ view of the cloud revealed that “94% of US business said their security had improved adoption cloud applications.” And in the same report, some “51% of new cloud users” spent less on managing their overall IT operations. Moreover, they’ve leveraged these savings to help grow their business.

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