Understanding common ERP implementation failure reasons

With the right approach to planning and executing an ERP implementation with a trusted partner, businesses can leverage great gains from adding an ERP solution to their infrastructure. ERP solutions offer a wide range of benefits from the very general to incredibly specific, and competent partners and ISV solutions provide the support and modules needed to make implementations successful. However, it's not as easy as a company deciding it wants to install or upgrade such a solution and taking the quickest path to go live as is possible - in fact, such an approach is one of the most common reasons why implementations fail.

A successful ERP implementation requires a number of factors. Some of the most important are a high degree of acceptance across an organization, realistic projections for time spent on necessary initiatives like training and setting up the ERP solution, and selecting the right partner for the project. Deficiencies in these three areas can lead to failed implementations. The TM Group looked at the issues caused by these concerns in a blog post.

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