NetSuite beats best-of-breed software for midmarket B2B sales orgs

NetSuite gives midmarket business-to-business sales organizations advantages that other business software can't provide. A recent research compiled by Forrester found single-stack solutions, which include NetSuite, outperform in many of the functions they share with best-of-breed software. Additionally, the single-stack platform offers advantages in terms of connectivity, information sharing and visibility, that other businesses with best of breed solutions doesn't. Companies in the midmarket B2B sales segment looking to upgrade current systems or gain competitive advantages need to consider the power of solutions like NetSuite.

As just one example, the statistics reported by Forrester showed about 50 percent of best-of-breed software users saw gains in customer retention through such systems. That figure is respectable, but the numbers for single-stack solutions are even better - 70 percent of businesses realized customer retention improvements when using them. That kind of difference is significant for midmarket B2B sellers, and it's just one of the many offered by solutions like NetSuite. As eCommerce becomes more common for B2B businesses, using the right solution will be even more important. Read More

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