6 Reasons to Choose Acumatica for Cloud ERP

Cloud computing is no longer a technological fad; it’s the most strategic method of doing business. Especially for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to remain competitive; it’s imperative to keep up. Your workforce is mobile, your data continues to grow, software is changing at the speed of light and of course, your budget is always a concern. Cloud computing is the logical medium for you to remain up to date and address these factors.

So, let’s assume you’ve considered a move to the cloud. No doubt you have questions:

  • What information should be moved to the cloud and when?
  • What cloud platform should I use and what are the costs involved?
  • How can I find an experienced partner to help me plan a strategy and move forward for the success of my business?

Business experts agree that enterprise business applications, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are a primary area of investment for companies that want to grow and remain competitive. Properly and intelligently managing your biggest assets (human resources, inventory and fixed assets) is business critical, so you want an ERP system with strengths in these areas.


Acumatica, a full function ERP solution that was born in the cloud, has rapidly become the fastest growing cloud ERP system today. There are many reasons for this growth, but one of the big ones is that SMBs can have a world-class solution, with complete IT infrastructure, without the world-class price tag.  Consider these other advantages:

  1. Acumatica gives you improved accessibility, mobility and usability. Because it can be accessed from virtually anywhere, and because of its consistent and familiar dashboards, your team, both in the office and in the field, can be more productive.
  2. Acumatica integrates with other applications and banking software so you have the information you need at your fingertips without having to access different programs.
  3. Acumatica is scalable. Is your business growing? Acumatica allows for unlimited users without additional cost.
  4. Acumatica provides constant and continual monitoring. Feedback is addressed long before an item becomes an issue.
  5. Acumatica provides automatic updates. No more business interruptions for updates, no more patches and fixes waiting for scheduled updates. Updates happen automatically and in the background.
  6. Acumatica provides first-rate security and confidentiality. Your data will be stored in an encrypted format and all communication over the network is encrypted. You can instantly remove access for any user should that prove necessary.

Acumatica’s unique pricing model makes it the perfect solution for SMBs that are starting up or growing larger.

Thanks to cloud computing, SMBs have the tools to compete with anyone, on any playing field.

With a fully integrated line of ERP business suites, blazing fast performance, and an unlimited user pricing model, Acumatica is designed to accommodate SMBs and their rapidly growing businesses.

Interested in learning more about Acumatica?  Crestwood is a founding Acumatica Certified partner with the experience to help you plan a strategy for successfully moving your ERP to the cloud.

Contact Crestwood Associates 847-394-8820

By Crestwood  Associates




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