3 Challenges Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the Cloud Can Help You Defeat

No matter what industry your business operates under, every industry faces the challenge of balancing resources and requirements. With an increase in innovation across all industries the need to have high-speed functionality is a necessity. Businesses need teams capable of collaboration anywhere, with centralized data, and fast reporting in real-time. These three challenges that businesses often face can be combatted with Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the Cloud.

Dispersed Teams

Being apart of a team that cannot have regular face-to-face collaboration can be a huge challenge for businesses that lack the needed technology. Having to email documents back and forth can become a major hassle in collaboration. With this it may be difficult to decipher what the most updated version of the document is. With tools in Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP you can easily connect employees across the globe in real-time. The collaboration capabilities Dynamics ERP allows for centralizes documents to promote easy sharing. Real-time interaction between team members can be done with tools that plan virtual meetings and keep everyone up to date.

Accurate Data Collection

Without centralized data, the complexity of efficiently matching employees’ schedules and projects becomes extremely overwhelming. Running the risk of losing high value employees caused by inaccuracies is a dangerous issue to have within a growing business. An organization needs an automated solution that manages resources across a portfolio of projects. The streamlining capability Dynamics ERP in the Cloud has makes the coordination of resources much simpler and fast acting.

Outdated Reports

A major problem with legacy systems is that they can only report on the past, lacking the real-time data needed to make effective decisions in the present. By detecting recent change and comparing to past performance it is possible to interpret data trends throughout the business. The real-time reporting Dynamics ERP provides allows you to monitor activities with a proactive system. It now becomes easy to electronically track all project activity and costs in a singular and updated view.


With Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the Cloud you can take advantage of the latest technologies to help your business prosper in the areas it may be lacking. By increasing collaboration capabilities, housing data in a singular view, and keeping data in real-time, ERP can outperform your legacy solution of the past. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics ERP installation and implementation contact Logan Consulting, your Microsoft Dynamics Certified Gold Partner of Chicago.

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