Does ERP Mean There’s No Use for Excel Workbooks?

Even before ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions, there was Excel. Countless imaginative and well-executed Excel workbooks have been created by our clients and others. We know how much effort it takes to create theses Microsoft masterpieces and it would be a colossal waste to consign them to the recycle bin. Are they still useful?

ERP solutions can make some functions in Excel workbooks obsolete. However, in many cases the Excel workbook may provide a niche solution that can be valuable in conjunction with your ERP solution.

For example, one of Crestwood Associates’ clients, a provider of insurance and financial services to nonprofit organizations, previously needed to dedicate 6 weeks to prepare and complete their annual invoicing process. This laborious task required four staff members to focus their attention on invoicing for over a month. Obviously, this was time taken away from other important work.

However, by integrating their Excel workbooks with their ERP solution, they have been able to greatly speed up the process. Because they are a small team, it’s important that they operate efficiently. Using the Excel workbooks with their ERP, they have been able to complete their annual invoicing preparation in only 5 business days rather than 6 weeks! Previously their client portfolio numbered 500 accounts. Today it has grown to over 1,100 and they have been able to handle the growth with only a limited increase in personnel.

So yes, Excel workbooks still have a lot to offer your organization even after an ERP implementation.

This success story highlights our commitment to helping our clients find the right solution that positions their business for sustainable growth.  At Crestwood Associates, we support a variety of ERP solutions to fit various business needs. If we don’t have the right solution for your business, we will point you in the direction for a company that does.


Contact our ERP experts at Crestwood  today to learn more about the best solutions the ERP software industry has to offer!

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