Benefits of Azure Platform-as-a-Service By The Numbers

The growth and availability of cloud platforms means that more and more businesses are looking to the cloud to develop and deploy applications.  There are a number of benefits that organizations can realize through the Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).  Those benefits include the ability to streamline and automate processes across key functions and lines of business, enabling businesses to meet their objectives, keep costs in check, and increase revenue. Additionally, the ease of development and management means that more applications can be created and updated, providing greater value to the organizations and their customers.

These benefits shine even more brightly when you can quantify their impact.  Last year, Forrester released a Total Economic Impact study of Azure PaaS based on a five year analysis. This research revealed that companies leveraging Azure PaaS could expect:

  • Reduced time required of IT to manage apps deployed on the platform by 80%
    • Instead of focusing on administrative tasks, IT was able to focus on app innovation and saves organizations over $130,000 in the first year.
    • By reallocating and avoiding hiring 5 IT admins and 2 DBAs, organizations can save up to almost $700,000 per year.
    • Time saved by employees identifying issues and expedited resolution led to almost $100,000 saved in the first year.
  • To reduce the amount of time it takes develop, test, or update apps by 25 hours per app
    • Developers can leverage integrated tools and testers can create new testing environments that exactly match the organization’s development and production environments with the push of a button, saving almost $110,000 in the first year.
  • A 50% reduction in the time it takes to deliver an application to market
    • The ability to earn revenue more quickly enables organizations to increase profits by over $375,000 in the first year.
    • Organizations deploying customer-facing applications saw improved sales rep performance and direct customer sales that led to almost $170,000 in increased profit in the first year.

It all adds up to:

  • An ROI of 466%
  • A Net Present Value of over $5.9 million

These numbers are based on a representative organization, but you can find out what your numbers would look like by engaging with Socius for an Azure Everywhere Workshop. Get a recommended roadmap for migration to Azure and a Proof of Concept for your organization.

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By Socius, an Azure Cloud Solutions Partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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