Stay One Step Ahead of Customers With Cloud ERP

Customers have high expectations of the companies that earn their business. In a crowded wholesale distribution marketplace, the pressure is on distributors to provide high-quality products at the price points customers demand. Responding quickly and accurately is critical for keeping relationships intact, yet challenging for businesses relying on disparate software systems. Stay one step ahead of customers with the support of more modern business technology.

Wholesale distributors benefits from Cloud ERP 
Wholesale distributors benefits from Cloud ERP

Wholesale distributors that can’t respond quickly to customer inquiries are easily replaceable in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Customers do not want to be put on hold and they certainly won’t wait for a callback. The bar has been raised high and customers expect premium service without having to pay premium prices. Download “14 Questions Distribution Company CFOs Must Ask When Evaluating Cloud ERP,” to learn how to stay one step ahead of your customers by replacing outdated software with a more powerful management solution.

Provide Prompt, Personalized Attention With ERP

A comprehensive, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will centralize core business data, making it easier for your sales and service representatives to enter and access. A cloud-based ERP solution provides added mobility for the representatives often out of the office meeting with customers, attending conferences or simply out to lunch.

When evaluating ERP systems, be sure to ask your software provider for guidance with choosing a solution that will streamline the collection of customer-centric data, including order history, quotes and other communications. Armed with real-time data, sales representatives will be able to respond faster to customer inquiries, attract prospects and customers with promotions or discounts, and close sales faster. In addition, managers will be able to monitor profitability, right down to the line-item.

Role-tailored dashboards, machine learning and other business intelligence features highlight important data managers can use to control profit margins, develop margin-based pricing, and create personalized marketing to engage customers. Combining customer information, inventory and other marketplace insights, you will be able to identify product trends or customer buying behaviors which will keep you one step ahead of your customers and your competition.

With the support of a robust ERP solution, your sales and service representatives will be able to provide the prompt, personalized attention today’s customers demand. Download the eBook and contact Western Computer for additional information about using ERP to strengthen customer service and support long-term loyalty.

By Western Computer, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

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