Why Quicken Chose NetSuite Over QuickBooks

Quicken, a California based technology company, made the decision to switch from Quickbooks Online to Netsuite OneWorld solutions in the wake of their 2016 split from former parent company Intuit. Quicken’s leaders had only six months to create a plan for the future of their organization, and their decision was a surprising one, to some. It proved, however, to be the right long-term solution thanks to Netsuite’s top of the line functionality.

It was surprising due to the fact that Intuit, their former parent company, actually created Quickbooks as its integrated accounting package. Quicken, itself, was a forerunner of that system. So the leap to a new ERP solution turned heads. Quicken turned to Netsuite for its formidable functionality and easy integration. With so little time to transition over, the integration concerns were at the forefront of the decision-making process. Netsuite integrated with existing systems such as Bill.com, allowing for a smooth transition.

Netsuite’s top of the class functionality was also a key consideration. Netsuite’s agile, cloud-based systems streamline the complicated processes that Quicken run every day such as revenue recognition processes required for selling both traditional license and SaaS solutions. Netsuite’s customizable, user-specific dashboards give each user key info they need to do their jobs, and offer executives insight in to all aspects of the business. Netsuite’s cloud-based architecture is also ideal due to its scalability. This ability to add systems and functions as needed enables rapid growth, giving Quicken a 21st Century foundation of technology to build off of in their new chapter.

The combination of easy implementation, top-tier functionality, and rapid scalability made Netsuite the preferred choice for Quicken, who left behind the world of QuickBooks for a modern, cloud-based solution.

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By Socius, an Ohio NetSuite Partner

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