NetSuite helps nonprofit grow

NetSuite's flexibility and cloud-deployed structure make it a useful and powerful addition for many businesses and organizations. That versatility extends into the nonprofit and social enterprise world, where NetSuite is a popular choice. That affinity is boosted by NetSuite's dedication to providing discounted and pro-bono licenses to qualified organizations, which allows nonprofits that lack the budget to implement such a powerful and effective solution to do so. This is one of the major factors in the adoption of the cloud-deployed solution by AbilityNet, a U.K. nonprofit focused on providing technology accessibility to those with disabilities.

Before moving to NetSuite, AbilityNet had a disconnected set of spreadsheet and business process applications, a situation worsened by the complex organizational structure of the nonprofit and its many offices across the U.K. A number of processes, including both administrative and client- and partner-related workflows, involved a significant degree of repetition with much potential for human errors. The switch to NetSuite, and the visibility and connectivity that change provided, created a number of benefits and efficiencies for AbilityNet. Read more in this recent TM Group blog post about the nonprofit's adoption of NetSuite.

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