Retailer of mobility and living aids replaces legacy systems, spreadsheets, more with NetSuite for retail

Companies using disconnected spreadsheets and legacy accounting systems are at a disadvantage compared to organizations utilizing more modern solutions like NetSuite for retail. While older software and more limited systems have, in many instances, helped companies reach their current stature, they often actually discourage future growth. Major advantages like unifying data streams, connecting a wide variety of workflows and increasing visibility of operational information place NetSuite on a level above older accounting programs and other legacy systems.

The advantages of moving to NetSuite are clear in the case of The Unlimited Company, a U.K.-based organization that offers a variety of mobility and living aids throughout that country. With a desire to appeal to those outside of its traditional demographic and improve the image of its 11 retail locations, the business decided it needed to make operational data more visible, centralized and easier to analyze. A switch to NetSuite on a tight deadline - just three months - led to a wide variety of improvements, from replacing multiple iterations of existing software with a single unified system and gaining significant insight into operations. To learn more, read The TM Group's recent blog post about the positive changes The Unlimited Company was able to make with NetSuite for retail organizations.

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