Microsoft Dynamics 365: Is It a Fit for Your Business?

The business world is excited about the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and for good reason. Its myriad benefits include attractive pricing, flexible licensing options and rich functionality. However, there are other considerations as to whether it is the best solution for your company. The deployment of Dynamics 365, because it is a cloud-based solution, may mean a radical shift in software licensing, implementation and management if you have been used to an on premises solution. Understanding how these changes will affect your budget and operations can help you determine if Dynamics 365 is a good

Is Dynamics 365 right for your business?
Is Dynamics 365 right for your business?

fit for your business.


First, you should think about how your other business systems and processes interact with your ERP system. There are a couple of areas in which Dynamics 365 stands out.

Integration with other systems

In a business where data must be shared throughout a company, Dynamics 365 offers an advantage. Dynamics 365 integrates your ERP with related functions, e.g. CRM Online and Office 365 which includes Outlook, to allow data to flow seamlessly between systems. You will be able to access your customer data without leaving your ERP or send and receive invoices or quotes directly from Outlook. Your purchase history and credit information will be available along with customer contact information. Everything will be on the same page, so to speak.

If you already operate in the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or Office 365, then Dynamics 365 will fit right into your online suite as an end to end solution.

For Purpose-Built ERP Functionality

Dynamics 365 can also be right for businesses that are looking to automate specific functions but don’t require a fully-integrated solution. Perhaps you need only limited ERP functionality. Dynamics 365 is presented in a modular approach so you can select the functions you want. Perhaps you require a Sales, Field Service or Customer Service system. You needn’t deploy a full-service system just to obtain a few specific modules.

Dynamics 365 May Change the Way You Manage your Infrastructure

Dynamics 365 is a cloud based solution and for that reason alone it can save time and resources by streamlining your IT operations. Your cloud host will maintain the software and provide updates automatically without interruption to your business. The guarantee of the highest levels of performance and security are written into your contract.

The hosted model also makes it easy to scale your ERP and other services. As your database grows or your company expands, you can simply add storage and user licenses—without purchasing and installing hardware. You benefit from virtually unlimited scalability without building or staffing your own data center.

With cloud-based service and Its modular approach to functionality, Dynamics 365 represents the future of integrated ERP. If you are using a mid-market ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or an enterprise solution such as Dynamics AX 2012, we recommend you consider Dynamics 365 as your future upgrade. No matter which solution you currently use—or if you’re shopping for your first ERP—Western Computer can help you design a solution that’s right for you and help you make the move to the cloud with confidence.

and let us help you determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a fit for your business.

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