How AccuWeather Uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Give Life-Saving Information – Video

AccuWeather provides crucial weather-related services for over a billion people around the world with hourly and minute by minute forecasts. It also offers customized enterprise solutions for business customers in various industries and content for over 180,000 third-party websites. To make all of this work, AccuWeather depends on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make sure customers receive the sometimes life-saving information they need.

In the mid-2000s, AccuWeather had its own data center for its business management software. It eventually partnered with Microsoft and moved to the cloud. It is now able to scale, elastically increase or decrease capacity and focus on its core competency rather than on IT issues that inevitably arise with on-premise applications.

Relying on an Azure cloud platform, AccuWeather receives 17 billion API requests. Customers relying on its services need to make critical real-time business decisions based on weather predictions and recommendations. Dynamics 365 offers the flexibility to pick and choose the appropriate technology rather than a one-size-fits-all software package. It is purpose-built for the user, which helps keep prices down since you only pay for the functionality you need.

Microsoft Dynamics ties in with other products like Office 365 to ensure companies like AccuWeather can focus more on business and less on IT processes. Microsoft handles the backend system maintenance, support and updates, while AccuWeather handles delivering mission-critical weather information to its customers who often have to make life-saving decisions.

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