Restaurant Equipment Distributors are Finding Successful Solutions with OmniChannel Commerce

Restaurants around the world are creating fantastic meals and eating experiences for hungry customers. Whether it is a new restaurant opening its doors for the first time, or an existing one that is expanding its operations, these commercial establishments need the best equipment that can handle the daily wear and tear of making meals, cleaning dishes, and storing food items.

Restaurant equipment distributors are looking into the latest technologies and software to help them keep track of their inventory, sales orders and supply chains. OmniChannel Commerce from NetSuite has created the optimal management solution for distributors of restaurant equipment by interconnecting all their back office tasks, sales departments and warehousing operations into one value-added service. This commerce platform system allows you to manage all aspects of your business in one convenient location through any device.

NetSuite's OmniChannel Commerce solution allows you to process restaurant equipment orders, check inventory to ensure equipment is in stock, request additional equipment products from manufacturers, and complete the shipping process to the end customer. You can also provide customer service to your clients, keep track of the financial aspects of your business, and market products all through one convenient cloud-based system infrastructure. When you are working with manufacturers, you can create the ultimate equipment ordering experience as you can take on the manufacturer's order-processing services for consumers.

Having an electronic commerce solution for your restaurant equipment distributor business provides you with better order processing and inventory control services. You can access data in moments from all departments of your operations. Then you can make sound decisions in regards to managing production processes and operating costs.

Whether you are a restaurant equipment distributor working in the business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) sector, you can take advantage of NetSuite's OmniChannel Commerce system. Efficiently grow and manage your business with this interactive commerce solution that you can use anytime, anywhere and on any channel. No longer struggle to manage different business applications and management strategies. Use this unique omnichannel platform to have a superior method to business management for your distribution company as your restaurant customers can receive the equipment they need when they need it.

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By Socius, an Ohio NetSuite Partner

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