How Much Does Intacct Cost? And 16 Other Intacct Pricing Questions Answered

Let’s talk price.

One of the most common questions companies have when evaluating accounting software is, how much does it cost? There are several factors to consider including licensing, implementation/setup and training.

  • What is Intacct?

Intacct is a 100% cloud-based accounting system available via subscription. It is hosted in two fortune 100 data centers.  Find out more about Intacct.

  • How much does Intacct cost?

The core Intacct Financial Management system has a base cost to which you add the number of users that you need. (There are no user minimums.) Plus, you may add additional accounting modules beyond the core financials. Thus, the cost varies depending on these and other variables, and an Intacct partner can help you work through the details to arrive at the best price.

  • What are Business Users?

A Business User has unlimited access to all modules. (Of course you can restrict access based on security.) It is a power user. If you are going to enter transactions, you need to have a Business User license.

  • What are Employee Users?

An Employee User can view everything and go anywhere that a Business User can in the system (although, this can easily be limited via security), but an Employee User does so with read-only access.  The only exceptions are that an Employee User can enter and approve expense reports, timesheets and purchase requisitions.

Employee Users are sold in 10-packs only, so if you need only 1 you still buy 10. If you need 11, you buy two 10-packs.  For example, if you are using the Time & Expenses module that comes with core financials and you want every employee to be able to add their own time and expenses then they each need an Employee User license.  However, there is also the option for a Business User to input Staff Timesheets and Staff Expenses; in other words, they input time and expenses for employees without them having to login into the system.

  • What is included in the core financial system?

Intacct Financial Management Core includes:  General Ledger, Cash Management, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Employee Expenses, Standard Reports, Dashboard, and Customization Services (custom reports, custom documents, custom fields, Smart Rules and Smart Events). It also includes 15GB of storage (5GB of data/transaction storage and 10GB of file storage), as well as a single business entity. A subscription includes 24/7 operations, upgrades, and enhancements—plus award-winning US-based support.

  • What additional accounting functionality is available in Intacct?

There are several other modules that can be added to the core financial management system for an additional cost. Below is a listing of some, but not all of the additional modules available. The annual cost gives access to all users (subject to their security rights). Pricing for these additional modules is available upon request from an Intacct Partner.

  • Additional Entities (multi-entity management)
  • Intacct Multi-Currency
  • Intacct Global Consolidations
  • Intacct Project Accounting
  • Intacct Inventory Management
  • Intacct Fixed Assets
  • Intacct Revenue Management
  • Intacct-Salesforce Integration
  • Intacct User-defined Dimensions
  • Intacct Contract Management Series
    • Intacct Usage Billing
    • Intacct Standard Contract Revenue Recognition
    • Intacct Contract Expense Management
    • Intacct Contract Billing for CRM
    • Intacct Advanced CRM Integration
    • Intacct Contract Billing
    • Intacct Advanced Contract Revenue Recognition

Get more details about each additional accounting module.

  • Are there add-on products for Intacct?

Yes, visit You will find a large selection of products including several from major players like American Express, Solver BI360, Nexonia and Workforce Go!, to name just a few.

  • Are Intacct upgrades included?

Yes, you don’t pay for upgrades. Intacct publishes four upgrades per year, once a quarter, mid-quarter. They are guaranteed not to break Intacct customizations third-party applications. Upgrades are completed automatically and without end user disruption, as Intacct is a true multi-tenant, cloud-based system. Customers are given advance notice of the new features and functionality they can expect with upcoming releases, complete with descriptions, screenshots and videos. You can learn more about what these upgrades include by attending our Intacct Quarterly Release Luncheons which we host four times per year.

  • Does Intacct require an annual contract?

Yes, Intacct is sold on a 12 month contract basis.

  • Is it easy to add or decrease users?

You can add users anytime. You can decrease users when your contract is renewed.

  • Can I have multiple companies/entities in Intacct?

The core system comes with a single entity. You can add additional business entities for a fee. Intacct offers two types of multi-entity environments: multi-entity shared and multi-entity distributed.  Shared environments are generally used when entities share a common Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Customers and Items.  This environment allows you to maintain these records at the Top Level and then share them out to the appropriate entities, which dramatically reduces system administration. Distributed environments are often used when entities have disparate system records and/or when you want to keep entities completely separated (perhaps for legal compliance or security reasons).

  • Does Intacct include CRM?

No, Intacct does not include CRM functionality.  Intacct is built to be a Best-In-Class ERP, not an ERP Suite. This means you can use the CRM system of your choice. As such, there is a integration available for an extra fee that works seamlessly and allows for bilateral communication.

  • What industries are the best fit for Intacct?

Up until very recently, Intacct has primarily targeted three markets:

  • Software and SaaS companies
  • Professional Services companies
  • Nonprofit organizations (Note: NFP companies get a 20% lifetime discount and two additional User-defined Dimensions)

In November 2015, Intacct announced that they are focusing on enhancing Intacct for the Distribution market. Since Intacct releases four major updates per year, you can expect that major improvements will be made to its Inventory Management module as they add functionality to address this market. Intacct has also enjoyed great success in the Financial Services industry.

  • Is there a free trial of Intacct available?

Yes, Intacct does have a free 30-day trial; and, that’s often a great way to gain familiarity with the application. However, it doesn't include all the functionality and will be, by definition, a new experience for a prospect, so you should always have an Intacct partner assist as you begin evaluating the trial version. Even better, an Intacct partner will happily give you a tailored presentation that will do a much better job of showing you the complete system based on your requirements.

  • Is support included in the subscription cost?

Yes, you get access to support from Intacct as part of your subscription. However, when you purchase Intacct from an Intacct Partner, the partner will be your first line of support and can, in most cases, resolve your issue directly.

  • Can I buy Intacct direct?

Yes, but there are several reasons you should consider purchasing through an Intacct partner.  To be clear, the license price will be the same whether you purchase directly from Intacct or through an Intacct partner. However, an Intacct partner can provide a local presence with local insight into your particular industry.  They can give you examples of how other customers are using Intacct to better manage their business.  And, an Intacct partner will be committed to your success, to confirm your implementation goes well and that you want to keep coming back and recommending them as a partner. There are many benefits in buying from an Intacct partner.

  • What is the next step to evaluate and purchase Intacct?

As a reselling partner of Intacct, BTerrell specializes in serving the software and SaaS, healthcare, professional services, non-profits, hospitality, manufacturing, and distribution industries among others.

In addition to delivering technology to automate finance and accounting processes in mid-market companies, BTerrell Group also provides implementation and training resources with best-practice expertise. When necessary, BTerrell’s talented professionals tailor Intacct to specific requirements or integrate the application with other best-in-class front office or operational systems. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

By BTerrell Group, Dallas, Texas- based Intacct Partner

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