Foodie Restaurant Guide to Acumatica Summit 2017 in La Jolla, CA

If you decide to venture outside of the conference center during Acumatica Summit 2017 you have plenty of excellent dining options to choose from. Of course if I opened up my search to the city of San Diego the options are endless. So I limited myself to places within a quick Uber drive of the Acumatica Summit venue, in the fancy little beach town of La Jolla.

These are my top choices based on my research, and emails to some local foodie friends. To help you choose, I included a Yelp link with a few of my favorite review highlights.

Spectacular view to impress your clients and make colleagues back home jealous:

  • Georges At The Cove “This beautiful restaurant overlooking La Jolla Cove with its white-painted ocean terrace makes you feel like a celebrity hiding away from the paparazzi.”

Fancy Steakhouse because you are on an expense account:

Nice chain restaurant to satisfy picky eaters who still say they want a California experience:

  • Duke’s La Jolla “The other restaurants on the street are all very much the same. The typical wealthy fine-dining feel, Dukes is the opposite of that, but pulls it all off with pure Polynesian class.”

Laid back Italian with an artsy twist (because this is California after all):

  • Piatti “Their location in La Jolla Shores (steps from the beach) and their classic dishes have gained them popularity with new diners while maintaining their regular crowd.”
  • CataniaArtisanal new American-Italian cuisine located in the small plaza”.Note: this is where the CAL Business Solutions team will be on Tuesday night.

Over the top California décor you won’t forget:

  • Herringbone “I don't think I've been more in awe with a restaurant's deco than the one here in Herringbone. We totally judged this restaurant by its door and ended up in one of the most beautiful restaurants in San Diego.”

Foodie favorite with craft cocktails: 

  • The Hake “From our first steps into the restaurant to our last steps out the door, the staff at the Hake made it such an incredible experience! Add to that, the food was absolutely #foodielicious and I wanted to try EVERYTHING on the menu”

Laidback fish market with “catch of the day” specials:

  • EL Pescador Fish Market “If this is your first visit to Pescador, don't screw this order up - just get the sandwich with whatever catch is fresh.”

Local’s favorite a little outside of La Jolla:

  • Luce Bar & Kitchen “I'm personally a big fan of Gastropubs, and this place was right up my alley.  Luce is known for their seasonal menu and ingredients as well as their wide variety of wines and beers.”

The place to go in San Diego for a sugar rush:

  • Extraordinary Desserts “It's not only the flower petals, edible gold, and piped decorations that makes the desserts extraordinary. It's also how scrumptious these delicate cakes and pastries are!”

Here are a few more choices for breakfast or brunch if you have the time:  

  • Great Maple Make Reservations or be the first person in line. I called same day (rookie) for breakfast reservations  and they had already been completely booked.”
  • The Cottage “A cute little restaurant, with a white picket fence on the corner of the street surrounded by big trees. I misjudged the place for being too simple of appearance.”


And of course I will be looking for places to get a great cappuccino while I am at Acumatica Summit. Here is my “Fancy San Diego Coffee Shop” map.

As a new Acumatica partner, this will be the very first Acumatica Summit for the CAL Business Solutions team. We look forward to being a part of this exciting channel and getting to know a few hundred new people.

Personally, I can’t wait for all the great sessions (and food) on my trip to Acumatica Summit 2017.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Acumatica & Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,

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