Children’s costume and accessory business streamline and grow with NetSuite

NetSuite offers businesses that use it a number of advantages, from its cloud-deployed structure to its ability to unify customer information across many data sources. For Lucy Locket, an international retailer of children's costumes, toys and accessories, the move to NetSuite meant being free of the limitations of previous ERP software and instead enjoying advantages that tied into the company's plans for growth. The family-owned, 20-year-old business was experiencing a period of expansion when it decided to adopt NetSuite. Their use of NetSuite has continued in part thanks to the many benefits this cloud-deployed software solution offers businesses.

Ease of commerce across all channels was a major consideration for Lucy Locket, which offers customers the opportunity to buy products directly from Lucy Locket’s website as well as through major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The organization also works with many retailers across Europe and Asia to offer its wares in brick-and-mortar stores. The business also realized significant improvements in sales, increasing productivity in that area by 25 percent without adding additional staff or dedicating other resources. Read more about how NetSuite helped Lucy Locket in this blog post from The TM Group.

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