4 Acumatica Blog Posts Every ERP Cloud Buyer Needs to Read

Acumatica is a leading cloud ERP provider with a unique technology and pricing model. Several Acumatica partners contribute insights on the ERP Cloud Blog. Here are four top articles you shouldn’t miss.


  1. Interview with Ali Jani, VP of Partner Strategy, Product Management and Services


According to Jani, Acumatica is truly designed for mid-sized ERP customers because they do not charge per user, making it one of the few ERP vendors to offer unlimited user subscriptions. The interview goes on to ask Jani a number of poignant questions related to:

  • what buyers should ask vendors before they buy
  • the difference between Acumatica Standard and Advanced editions
  • an explanation of resource levels (small, medium and large)
  • the upgrade frequency of Acumatica software
  • the meaning of the Acumatica “Customer Bill of Rights”


  1. 6 Reasons Acumatica is Better Than NetSuite


Clients First Business Solutions is confident Acumatica can offer customers better functionality and service than NetSuite, and this post outlines some of those reasons including:

  1. unlimited users
  2. encouraging change
  3. choose when to move up resource levels
  4. adapt seasonally rather than annually
  5. open system, XRP platform – you own your data
  6. cloud choice vs. cloud only


  1. Why The Technology Used to Build Acumatica is Important to Anyone Evaluating ERP software


Acumatica prides itself on using open technologies to create its ERP software. It is built on .NET and C# using Acumatica’s own XRP platform. Rather than locking users into a proprietary system, you own your data, and it is easily transferable. Clients First Business Solutions describes why this is important to ERP buyers.


  1. How to Calculate The Cost of Acumatica ERP


This post details what is involved in the Acumatica pricing model. Although Acumatica does not publish pricing an Acumatica partner like Logan Consulting can help you determine the total cost of ownership based on the size of your company, the functionality you need and the method of deployment.


Are you evaluating Acumatica? Looking or an Acumatica Partner?

You can read more Acumatica articles on the ERP Cloud Blog. Acumatica sells its products exclusively through its partners so look for a Partner in our Acumatica partner directory on the ERP Cloud Blog.


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