Tie Your Productivity to Your Processes with Dynamics 365

Businesses have always needed a wide variety of systems to function properly. From CRM to ERP, finding ways to maximize the functionality while not maxing out the budget has always been a challenge. With their new business solution Dynamics 365, however, Microsoft has delivered a new resource that can do exactly that. By combining their current CRM and ERP solutions in to one cloud-based service, Dynamics 365 offers users a customizable, intuitive experience that raises the bar for business solutions.

Dynamics 365

This cloud service offers purpose-built apps for individual business functions such as Financials, Field Service, Operations, Marketing, and more. These apps are designed with the real-life needs of businesses in mind. Each can be individually deployed, meaning businesses can pay for only what they need at the time, expanding their services as their business grows. It also comes with Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI to aid not only in the day to day running of business, but also to cut down on the growing pains often found in bringing new or expanded systems on-line.

Another key feature is the easy integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365. By linking together the structured apps of Dynamics and the unstructured, collaborative nature encouraged by Office users can maximize their time instead of jumping back and forth between the two systems. It offers everything from easy access to data to the ability to create invoices straight from Outlook. It also creates a new, common data model between Office and Dynamics, which not only integrates the two together easier but also simplifies the user’s experience.

By making the native apps easier to find, easier to use, and integrating them with the tools already being used by businesses, Dynamics 365 helps business run more smoothly. With improvements to accessibility and visibility to key tools Dynamics 365 can be a game changer for businesses of any size.

For more details or to help you weigh your options, ask one of our Dynamics 365 experts today!

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By the Socius One Cloud Team in Ohio

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