Significant operational improvement achieved from NetSuite implementation

Lindemann Chimney Co., a growing chimney services company that expanded into providing a substantial B2B products service for similar companies across the country, decided to upgrade its operations with NetSuite. The company had three separate business software systems in place - including a legacy ERP platform that couldn't handle modern demands for omnichannel commerce - and suffered for it. Many critical business processes were disjointed and disconnected, requiring a significant amount of manual labor and leaving those tasks prone to error. Inventory, sales, customer relationship management, finances and more were difficult to fully track and manage.

By moving to NetSuite, Lindemann has made a number of improvements. It no longer contends with disconnected systems and errors that hamstring effectiveness and hamper growth. The power of NetSuite allowed the company to develop a unified omnichannel eCommerce experience for existing B2B customers as well as a new business line facing the B2C market. It also supports unified customer information records and much more. The TM Group recently looked at the changes Lindemann instituted with its NetSuite implementation in a new blog post.

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