Accounting Industry Is Next in Line for Disruption

You read that right. After big, disruptive changes in nearly every industry, the accounting sector is likely next in line for change. We’ve seen it elsewhere; complacency and manual processes have led to dissatisfaction, both internally and externally. Clients continue to push for advances such as improved bar coding and deeper customer service experiences. Management wants real-time data and better financial control.

As suggested in “5 Trends Driving Disruption in the Accounting Industry,” posted by Samuel Edwards on, advances in technology have modernized operations in many different industries. While advances are innovating and strengthening some businesses units, accounting departments are feeling the pressure of disruption.

Several drivers of disruption, according to Edwards, include stagnation and the lack of automation with technology, which feeds the frustration experienced by employees and clients. Manual processes take time, distract employees from important tasks, and create delays in fulfilling customer needs. While some businesses put off legacy system upgrades, others are taking advantage of modern technology. This could be what separates the businesses between those that thrive in this digital era, and those that struggle.

Avoid Disruption by Modernizing Business Management Systems

The accounting and bookkeeping sector isn’t immune to disruption and would benefit by taking advantage of some of the new powerful modern tools. Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite, offer strong financial management features right out-of-the-box.

Accountants and bookkeepers can extend these features with specialized add-on modules, such as Advanced Bank Reconciliation, Electronic Payments, and InterCompany Postings. Each of these modules offers additional time-saving automations that improve the consistency of the tasks being performed, reduce the risk of errors and improve the productivity of your team. The time saved by replacing manual processes or confusing spreadsheets with stronger technology is time you can spend strategizing on business operations and client needs instead.

We are in a digitally-focused era and more clients are expecting automation, customer-centric connectivity, and personalization that can be achieved with modern, innovative technology. Avoid disruption and strengthen business operations by taking advantage of today’s business management solutions. Contact Nolan Business Solutions for guidance with choosing and deploying the right solutions to streamline operations, improve customer service and drive growth in an industry facing disruption.

By Nolan Business Solutions, an International Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV and NetSuite Provider

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