Why Buy NetSuite from a VAR?

Finding business solutions, such as NetSuite, the cloud ERP and CRM package, can be a difficult and complicated task for any business. Once you settle on the right software, copious questions remain. How many user licenses will you need? How will implementation go? These questions can be daunting, which is why top businesses tend to turn to Value Added Retailers (VAR) like Socius. These partners work with businesses hand in hand to not only find and purchase the right solutions, but maximize their effectiveness.

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While some would scoff at going through a third party when they can buy direct, they would be well served to reconsider. VARs, like Socius, not only offer pricing on par with buying direct, but also offer several financing options. This enables organizations to afford not only the solution they are buying, but also the expertise and experience that comes with a VAR partner, including top of the class customization options, greatly adding to the out of the box functionality of your chosen solution. With expert advice on everything from building your package, choosing contract duration, all the way through implementation, payment and financing, choosing to work with a VAR partner means your organization is not flying blind.

The other key added value your organization gains when working with Socius is that they are truly a partner. While some organizations see the go-live date (implementation) as the finish line, Socius sees it as the starting point for an ongoing partnership. With long term planning and business strategy support, Socius are committed to seeing all of their partners succeed long after the go-live date.

With top-level, award winning advice and support from the beginning of the search for a solution clear past the go-live date of implementation, partnering with a Value Added Retailer such as Socius offers clear perks for any organization. With expert, unbiased advice, and top of the industry customization expertise, Socius is the clear choice for a successful implementation, and their long term commitment to their partners means support and success will carry on far into the future.

Considering a NetSuite purchase? Get our 2016 Buyer's Guide Today!

By Socius, Ohio's Largest NetSuite Provider

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