The Time is Ripe for a Move to Cloud ERP – 7 Trends

7-game-changing-erpbannerCloud computing, or simply The Cloud as it is now often called, has matured greatly over the past several years. Many organizations now use it exclusively across all industries: manufacturing, government, distribution, education and many others. It has become so prevalent that even some business and consumer devices are designed to exclusively rely on cloud applications. Because of this reality and because many organizations are more conscious than ever of how they spend their money and time, the time is ripe for a move to cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services.

While there are still plenty of compelling arguments for on-premise ERP, many small and midsize businesses have limited capital expenditure and would benefit greatly from software that offsets a lot of initial costs to operational expenditure, which is often more manageable. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows organizations to pay low monthly, quarterly or annual fees rather than a large initial expense.

Moreover, cloud ERP eliminates the need to have an IT staff who can manage on-premise servers (system administrators are often much higher paid than basic help-desk staff). There is no need for on-site server setup and maintenance, expensive networking infrastructure or periodic upgrade expenses. Instead, a company’s cloud service provider takes care of all the heavy lifting, leaving a business time to focus on doing business.

There are many other business-specific reasons to move to the cloud, and you can find out more about them in the ERP Cloud Blog’s white paper: “7 Game Changing Trends: Why It’s Time to Move to Online Accounting Software.”

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