NetSuite Solutions Fulfill the Desires of Midmarket B2B Sellers

NetSuite is a multifaceted business productivity solution, allowing companies to reap the benefits of CRM, ERP,  eCommerce, project accounting and other tools through cloud deployment. While NetSuite has long been confident in its ability to provide a variety of advantages to businesses, it now has recent, independent research to back up that feeling. The company commissioned Forrester Research to study midmarket business-to-business sales companies and found that a majority of those organizations want to use a connected eCommerce solution like the one NetSuite provides.

In all, the Forrester report found 62 percent of B2B sales enterprises that have an eCommerce software purchase on the horizon want a solution that offers a unified, single-track system that incorporates eCommerce, ERP, CRM, inventory and order management functions into a single platform. A similar number of such companies, 59 percent, have decided to make 2016 a year focused on eCommerce technology development for their operations.

The TM Group explored the recent release of the Forrester statistics and how the many features of NetSuite tie into current B2B sales organization needs and desires in a recent blog post.

by The TM Group

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